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Distance no barrier

A new Lockwood holiday home in Raglan is proof anything is possible when you pull the right team together. Lockwood Waikato and Excelsior Residential undertook the project for UK residents Patricia Bossons and Denis Startain and their two children Louis and Kiera.
The family was based overseas throughout the build, but Patricia says they had total faith in the Lockwood building system and Excelsior builder Peter Brooky.

“We lived at Lake Okareka near Rotorua several years ago and became familiar with the Lockwood homes in the show village. We’ve always loved the style and look. And we knew exactly what we would be getting – this home is the Te Rakau plan, with larger decks to maximise the great views.

“We wanted something that could be project managed from 12,000 miles away and we needed quality assurance. Lockwood could help on both counts. For example, the high wind zone is a risk factor, but this house has been built to withstand extreme weather – the roof is secured by five times the number of rivets normally used for such a project. We love that feeling of extra security.”

Patricia also praises the building process. “It was superb, and easy. Everything went so smoothly. Peter would send us loads of pictures and checked with us on every detail.”

The low maintenance of a Lockwood home was another consideration, says Patricia. At present the family is living in Cambridge in the Waikato and pops out to the beach most weekends – and they don’t need to spend their weekends on home maintenance.

Roger Allsopp of Lockwood Waikato says Lockwood supplied all the components to Excelsior Residential, a preferred Lockwood builder. “The company is experienced in building Lockwood homes, and this is a great example.”

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