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Retro-Blonding an Older Lockwood

A popular finish in modern Lockwood homes is the blonded look where a whitewash paint is applied to the interior timber to give it a light scandinavian feel. This is done on the raw timber interior and soffits once the home has been completely built. The pine is obviously quite new and white at this stage.

There are are few different products available which allow for a similar blonding treatment on older Lockwood homes. The products recommended are either a Timbakote product called “Lockwood Blond” which is applied by brush and often ragged-off or Dulux Intergrain, a polyurethane tinted to Icy White. Any professional painter can apply this for you if you don’t want to DIY. Please see important notes below on this shared guide.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE OUTCOME IS NOT GUARANTEED AND PROFESSIONAL ADVICE SHOULD BE SOUGHT. It is suggested that you try an inconspicuous area first to ensure that you will be happy with the end result. Older wooden interiors have often mellowed considerably to a yellow/orange hue or were previously stained very dark and this makes the end result vary greatly.

Click Here for a step by step guide on a DIY project in a small bathroom and toilet in a 1986 Lockwood using the Timberkote Lockwood Blond product. This project advice was shared by a Lockwood home owner, not a professional painter.

Click Here for inspiration on blonded Lockwood homes and other ideas to modernise your space

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