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Painting an older Lockwood Home Interior

Whether you decide to paint your entire home or just a feature wall here and there, a lick of paint can give a whole new look to any space. Painting the interior of a Lockwood can be done as a DIY project or your painter would be able to do this for you.

To repaint the interior of your Lockwood you will firstly need to sand down the entire surface that you are targeting. As with any painting – the more prep the better the finish. It is acceptable to lightly sand the existing polyurethane finish to provide some adhesion for the new paint. You do not have to sand all the polyurethane off.

To get a nice even finish, you would need to fill the timber knot holes. For this we recommend PAL Contract Filler, a quick drying water based filler available from most hardware or paint stores. This filler is suitable for interior & exterior applications and is relatively easy to use. Once dry, this would need to be sanded back to provide a smooth finish.

The timber knots will need to be primed with a good sealer after this to ensure the colour in the knots which are often darker, doesn’t bleed through. We recommend Zinsser B-I-N primer available from Bunnings or Mitre 10 which provides an excellent adhesion surface for the new paint.

Once primed and filled, the timber boards can then be painted with an acrylic paint of your choice. Although not necessary many people use a flexible gap sealer (like selleys no more gaps) in the grooves of each board, so the paint doesn’t crack when the wall boards move.

Please note this is general information for Lockwood home owners. We always recommend getting professional advice from a painter or your paint shop specialists before deciding on products and processes that will work in your home.

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