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Our Accreditation

We are always striving to improve our building standards in the construction industry. To do this, we sought CodeMark certification for our entire building system. This certification is valuable for Lockwood clients and partners because it requires us to provide strong evidence from both the past and present to prove that our unique building system is suitable for its intended purpose. We also have to maintain high-quality manufacturing and construction to meet the strict standards for long-term compliance.

Throughout our more than seven decades of building experience, our dedication to quality in our designs and buildings has remained unwavering. This commitment has earned us a great reputation for performing well in challenging conditions like high winds, earthquakes, and extreme temperatures. Lockwood proudly obtained CodeMark certification for our complete wall and jointing system in 2013, and we’ve kept it up to date.

An added benefit for home builders is that CodeMark certification makes the building consent process smoother. This is because, according to the Building Act, local councils are required to accept CodeMark product certification as evidence that our building system complies with the New Zealand Building Code.

Find out more about Lockwood’s Certificate of Conformity or see more information on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s website product certification information

To request a copy of our manual and structural handbook, please email our technical team: technical@lockwood.co.nz

For a list of some frequently asked questions and answers on CodeMark, see our link here: accreditation FAQ’s

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