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Property size: 308m2

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Living: 3

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Sutherland Home Project – Queenstown

This home has a definite affinity with its landscape, with much of the stone schist incorporated in the design found in the area, giving it a decidedly Otago feel.

The site is a large rural one, with the design incorporating lower level garages and bedroom wings which rotate 90 degrees to the main living area. The views out to the lake are spectacular, as are the epic vistas of the mountains beyond.

This modern family home has made extensive use of glazing and high clerestory windows, creating sleek and contemporary lines when juxtaposed with the stone and timber combinations.

Polished concrete floors, marble tiles and beautiful blonded timber all create complementary tones and patterns in the home which further enhance the connection between living spaces and the land.

The main bathroom and kitchen in this home were recipients of the Trends Best Kitchen and Bathroom awards.

This is a majestic architectural example of the landscape defining the home.

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