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Property size: 180m2

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Living: 2

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Schoonhoven Family Home

The Schoonhoven’s site called for a unique, bespoke design, requiring a low maintenance holiday home that would sit naturally and lightly on the land. Even though this site was large, the building platform was small and consisted of levelled sand dunes on a hilltop. To achieve the natural beach aesthetic light coloured joinery and aluminium cladding was used, blending the Schoonhoven’s home seamlessly into its  environment.

The softer joinery colour has allowed for the inclusion of many window and sliding door options which enhance the view and access, without overpowering the look of the home.

High gabled windows bring in an abundance of natural light and make the focal point the high raking ceiling and structural beams.

The mezzanine provides not only an extra entertainment and media area but also a link and flow to the other living quarters, providing privacy for visitors and family without feeling isolated from the rest of the inhabitants.

With Lockwood, the Schoonhovens have successfully designed a home that complements and embraces the landscape that surrounds it.

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