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Property size: 254m2

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Living: 2

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Moodie-Stephens Home

Anna Moodie grew up in a Lockwood, with her parents having built one in the 70’s, so she knew and liked the style.  A neighbour at their Lake Tarawera site couldn’t speak highly enough of their experience building with John Hodges, the local Rotorua building contractor, which helped make the choice to build with Lockwood easy for Anna and her family.

At the top of their list was a house that we knew wouldn’t leak, would be low maintenance, robust in an earthquake and where the build costs would be fixed and known upfront.

The modified Tobago plan was used as the starting point. It has two large living zones and the style of the home meant all the family and entertainment rooms faced the lake, which the site has amazing views of.

In a nod to its lakeside location, Anna went with a cheerful summery palette and soft pink and blue watercolours to complement the blonded timber for interior inspiration.

The blue splashback in the kitchen is a lovely extension of the expansive blue lake view from the deck and landscaped gardens and creates a serene environment with the white cabinetry.  The granite benchtops complete the look for a high end but relaxed and sophisticated Hampton feel. The family spend a great deal of time at the lake especially over the summer months, so wanted an instantly welcoming and calming retreat.

When asked how their new home is performing and if it had met their expectations, Anna is quick to exclaim that they “All love it.  It’s so robust, and not having to worry about paintwork and plasterboard being dinged or dented is great – especially when you have lots of kids!”

The Moodie-Stephens home was built by John Hodges, the Lockwood contractor of the year 2018-19, so they were always in the very best of hands. Anna believes that the scrupulous honesty and personal pride taken during and after the build handover is what has made this home building journey so rewarding for them as a family.

Michelle Young Landscapers was contracted for earthworks and the structural elements of creating the gardens. She was focussed on developing a landscaping plan that could cope with hot dry summers on the exposed lakeside slopes.  The home and garden package needed to be robust and low maintenance so they could enjoy their time when taking breaks away from their bustling city life and high profile careers.

An outdoor shower was included for the family who are all mad keen water sports enthusiasts so they can wash off and warm up before coming into the house after their outdoor activities. A great way to keep the house clean and the water outside in the garden!

A beautiful peaceful home, celebrating all the design aesthetics associated with traditional lofty sarked timber ceilings, high clerestories and stunning beam details that set Lockwood apart.

A high performance home that their owners “love”.

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