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Property size: 357m2

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Living: 2

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Accessibly designed for quality living

Ken and Faye Bax are timber lovers, so on one of their trips to Auckland, they decided to pop into the Lockwood show home located in Matangi at the time. The architectural style of the show home – ex Gullwing design from Rotorua – had them inspired and would see them leave their double storey home in the rural countryside.

Their new home building journey on their existing site in Cambridge, commenced with the long term rental being moved off, to make way for their bespoke design and build. Their beautiful spot overlooks the Waikato, taking in views of both bridges crossing the river.

Having a stylish home, which did not compromise on design aesthetics or represent a “disability home”, yet still deliver low maintenance and durability, were key drivers for their decision to build with Lockwood. The timber interiors would take the knocks and bumps due to its robust nature and not require frequent repair work. Large decks for outdoor living and level entries were important, as was incorporating Universal Design Standards for quality living in what the Bax’s refer to as “gorgeous simplicity”.

The lower level of the home contains a therapy room, a spacious level entry bathroom, a bedroom and an all-important workshop for Ken, a wheelchair user. Both levels are accessed with a lift, making for easy mobility between the open plan living area upstairs and connecting seamlessly with the level entry and gardens below – a happy place for Ken who loves to spend time there.

Ken and Faye are pianists and were delighted that their new home accommodated their baby grand, which sits comfortably in their spacious living area. Their first home which they built after being married in 1966, shared the same energetic orange which greets you with a warm welcome at their front door.  The Lockwood architectural designer was able to capture their vision and specific living requirements but bring a design flair, in a collaboration which exceeded their expectations.  Faye says that when people come to visit them or view their home they are extremely complimentary, saying “we could live here” – which in their opinion, says it all.

Peter Brooky of Excelsior Residential, Lockwood Waikato, delivered an exceptional home for these very happy Lockwood clients.

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