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ReadyBuilt FAQs

What is the price of ReadyBuilt homes?

Pricing is dependent on where you are looking to re-site the home and your own personalised choices. Please contact us for pricing and transport options in your area.

Who looks after the consenting process?

We will provide you with all the consenting paperwork for the home. Site-specific consent is your responsibility, however, we can assist you in obtaining this for an additional fee.

When do I get my home if I order one today?

If we have a house available, as soon as consents and movers are arranged. If you place an order for a personalised home, it will go into production as soon as decisions on fitout and colours/cladding are finalised.  Please discuss your expected production lead times with our ReadyBuilt team for a personalised home.

What exterior options do I have for cladding?

You have a choice of low maintenance powder coated aluminium in a wide range of colours or painted or stained VG Pine (vertical grain cut then glue laminated).  You can also upgrade to Cedar – the price for upgrading will be provided on request. You can also have a mix of all three if you prefer.

Can I change the roofline or style?

Not on ReadyBuilt homes, however, if you want to make changes to the plan then please talk to us about our customisable and Design and Build options.

Can I change the interior floorplan?

The interior fitout can be changed but with ReadyBuilt homes, you cannot change the size or position of walls, interior doors or windows. If you want to make changes to the plan then please talk to us about our customisable and Design and Build options.

Can I change the fixtures and fittings or floor coverings?

Yes, the interior fitout is customisable when you place an order for a personalised ReadyBuilt home. Our team will work with you to choose floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom fit out and interior wall finish.

Can I change the windows?

Yes, there are some options to change window styles within the same opening. You can also opt for sliding doors to replace full-length windows at an additional cost.

What sort of paint finish can I have on the interior?

Standard specification includes a clear polyurethane finish throughout. You can upgrade to the new light blonded finish or opt for a penetrating oil instead.

I have difficult access to where I would like the home sited, what options do I have?

You would have to consult the movers. The house truck is heavy and the house will be 6.8 metres wide and up to 20 metres long, depending on which design you choose. A build on site may be the best option if access is limited.

If I have a steep site can a ReadyBuilt relocatable work?

It all depends on the access. If the movers can get a truck through to the site, then the house can be sited on poles. A pre-purchase site visit will be required and we recommend you obtain a quote for the move and pole foundations.

Can you place ReadyBuilt homes on a concrete pad?

No, transportable homes need to be placed on pile foundations. If you require a different foundation, talk to us about building on your site.

Are decks included?

We cannot transport the house with decks so they are not included. These can be built on afterwards by your building contractor. You may need to add this information to the consent documents so talk to us about your plans for decking and landscaping.

If I want a garage, decks or additional work on site, can this be arranged?

Yes, you can either use the local Lockwood builder or any other licensed builder to do this site work. A garage can be added as part of the original house consent or done separately at a later time.

Can I GIB overline the interior?

Our homes are built with solid timber walls. Once the house is on site you could choose to add GIB plasterboard. Plasterboard does not travel well so it would be unwise to do this in advance.

What heating solutions do ReadyBuilt homes come with?

Heating and hot water are not included in the standard ReadyBuilt specification. Please talk to us about your needs as we can help with heating and hot water solutions to suit .