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Design and Build FAQs

How do I start the design process for my new build?

We have a Design Studio team at Lockwood that are able to assist with plans and designs to suit your site, budget, lifestyle and needs.

Many of our national professional contractors offer an in-house design process as part of their services. Whether you would like to use an existing Lockwood plan or concept idea and customise to suit as your starting point, or you have an idea of your own in mind that you would like to develop, we are here to help you get your plan sorted. Contact us today.

Do Lockwood individually tailor home plans and designs?

For nearly 7 decades, Lockwood has been individually tailoring homes to provide the ideal environment for people to live in. Embarking on the design process can be overwhelming. Our designers will be at hand throughout this exciting process so your dream home is built exactly to plan. Skill and craftsmanship combined with experience ensure you can trust us to shape your vision and home ownership goals into your ideal solution.

Every home is specifically designed for its new owner, and we are happy to work with architectural plans or your sketches to bring your property dreams to life.

Can Lockwood adapt their interiors and exteriors to suit personal tastes?

The charm and character of natural wood can be adapted to suit your personal tastes. Traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern, wood suits every style. Whether it’s for a bach or crib, a sprawling rural lifestyle home, or a home in the suburbs, you can personalise your interior and exterior choices.  Add painted feature walls, selected plasterboard and wallpaper, stonework, blonding timber or opting for clear pines with no knots.

There are a wide range of joinery options to choose from and our Lockwood designers will ensure your vision is realised, whatever your style and personality. Visit the galleries to see what others have done to add their own personal touches to their Lockwood homes.

Can my Lockwood home design incorporate extensions at a later date?

Lockwood homes are easily altered to suit the changing needs and requirements of your family. Talk to the design team about possible extensions, and modular options during your design journey.

Can the home be transported and relocated at a later stage?

Yes, Lockwood wall timber is perfect for “moving around” as it is structurally very flexible with no wall linings or rigid fixings to break. However, please bear in mind that linings and plastered walls, or painted/papered walls can tear and damage during moving.

All of our showhomes, both large and small, are transportable and can be relocated when required (if built on a timber floor).

Are Lockwood homes suitable in very high wind, exposed or cyclonic areas?

A standard Lockwood home is designed to withstand wind speeds of 50 metres per second (115 m.p.h.), but can be designed for higher wind loads and engineered for snow loading. The Lockwood building system has proven to perform well in extreme weather conditions.

What joinery options do I have for my Lockwood home?

Double glazing is offered as standard in a Lockwood home. Specialised sub-frames are built around Lockwood joinery to ensure that the Code-Marked building system works to lock in performance.

There are a vast range of joinery options available, including upgrades to thermally broken, timber interior and aluminium exterior and specialised glass options to suit specific conditions. Talk to the design team and your contractor to make sure that you have explored all your options.

Can we add extra electrical connections at a later stage?

Yes, the skirtings, scotia, door frames and cappings are recessed to permit wiring being ducted. It can also be installed against walls, in wardrobes and cupboards, and the outlet drilled through to the required area.

Is it true that Lockwood homes are highly earthquake resistant?

Yes, tests carried out by the Wakefield Laboratories on a three bedroom Lockwood home saw the home subjected to 22 simulated earthquakes of up to 7.5 on the Richter Scale and emerge undamaged.

The Bay of Plenty earthquakes of 1987 bore this out too. Lockwood had an exceptional record with the recent Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes.

For more info, view our earthquake testing video here.

What is the price difference between Aluminium, Cedar and Pine finishes?

Between the sheathed Aluminium and Pine, negligible. There is a slight extra charge for the Cedar option.

Can we have an all timber exterior to our new home?

Yes, in either Cedar or New Zealand Radiata Pine. The NZ pine is quarter sawn and glue laminated for strength and durabillity. Our clients often choose the engineered VG pine solution if they are wanting to paint their exterior a colour of their choice.

Can Lockwood homes be built on remote or difficult to access sites?

Lockwood homes are easily built on sites difficult to access due to the nature of the engineered and pre-cut componentry. Helicopters and barges can be used to deliver to difficult sites.

Can Lockwood homes be built on concrete foundations?

Depending on the nature – fall and ground makeup of the site, there is only a small difference in price between pole/timber foundations and concrete. Lockwood homes sit comfortably on both. Many of the featured homes in Our Homes boast beautifully polished aggregate floors.

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