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South Auckland Home Builders Who Bring Your Property Dreams to Life

Why choose a Lockwood Home over other house building companies?

When searching for home building companies, whether here in Auckland or beyond, you want to choose a team that can offer the experience and services to give you that dream property you are after. Lockwood consistently set a benchmark for both design and craftsmanship. With innovative architectural designs and quality workmanship to match, we stand out from the rest, which is testified to by being named a Most Trusted Home Building Brand in the home builders category.

With years of experience building homes, we are a team you can trust to provide a property that will suit your needs, preferences and personality. For more information about our home building solutions contact the North Island Sales Office 07 347 7691

We’ll be happy to discuss our services, conduct a site visit and assist you.

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Lockwood Showhome

Skagen Home Design

Idyllic open plan living with a centrally placed kitchen, great small family home

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