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Where Monarch’s flit and communities connect

West Lynn Garden and Butterfly House is a public garden covering 4.5 acres in the heart of Auckland, created and run by volunteers. It was formed in 1981 on land originally owned by the Eden Garden Society.

The West Lynn Garden Society is now an independent organisation of people all sharing a love of gardening. Members and volunteers commit to creating and maintaining a wondrous place of beauty and peace for all who visit.

It stands to reason that such verdant and picturesque surrounds demand an equally beautiful building. One full of natural light, lofty volumetric spaces – one which celebrates natural and engineered timber structures. A place with a welcoming heart where happy celebrations take place, families can spend quality time together and communities can connect. And, that’s exactly what they built.

This Lockwood function room has proven to be very popular with locals and visitors. Relaxed flow from indoors out into the gardens, coupled with wide eaves, high gabled windows and generous skylights bathe this venue in light. This has been achieved while meeting all requirements for commercial buildings and public spaces yet still delivering a welcoming ambience.

The Garden Centre boasts a large Monarch butterfly centre. The centre is best visited from December through to April where hundreds of Monarch butterflies can be seen.

Why not visit and experience the splendour of Lockwood, the gardens and the Monarch’s when you visit this wonderful spot.

Find out more about their open times here: West Lynn Garden Website

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