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WeatherClad 21

It’s no secret that Lockwood homes are built to stand the test of time. You will find them in most neighbourhoods, nestled in bucolic rural settings, on water and beach fronts, in established suburbs and new suburbs – all over our beautiful country, spanning our proud 73 year history.

Owners of older versions approach us for advice on how to update their interiors with many looking for ideas on decor, lighting and simply refreshing their living spaces.

We are also able to offer an exterior face lift where the aluminium cladding is in need of some TLC, beyond that of a repaint. WeatherClad21 is a unique overlining system which matches the profiles of the original Lockwood wall and due to its aluminium structure and powder coated finish, it has all the low maintenance benefits you have come to expect from a Lockwood.

The other great benefit of the WeatherClad21 system is that the clipping mechanism used does not interfere with any existing structures or weatherproofing, so consent will not be required.

WeatherClad21 boasts all the soft greys, silvers, whites and warm tones of our standard colour range featured on our new Lockwood homes, with other special colours available on request.

Contact us about a WeatherClad21 solution and have your Lockwood looking brand new in no time.

Download the flyer for more info here.

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