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Putting our strength to the ultimate test

Roger Wood, a builder in Christchurch, has put a Lockwood home to the ultimate test. He identified this particular Lockwood in a Red Zone, in the hard hit seaside suburb of Southshore.

Roger says, “I spotted this one on one of my walks because it was a bit bent out of shape due to the foundations failing, but still in particularly good nick, especially considering what some of the other homes around looked like”.

Not one to be frightened off by a good project, Roger decided he had the perfect spot for this lovely little Lockwood – on his hilly site in Cashmere, on top of a newly built double garage and bedroom basement unit.

Roger had to co-ordinate to very tight tolerances, fine tuning the removal and resiting with the use of a 300 tonne crane with the longest arm in the business. Of particular importance was the lack of wind on the night of the move, and ensuring that this windless night’s activities were scheduled between midnight and 6 am!

Even as the home was lifted off it’s cracked foundations, it began to settle back into shape. Two articulated trucks accompanied the mobile crane with lifting booms, blocks and carry pads and the Lockwood was carefully placed on its new perch.

New double glazing was installed, main bathroom renovated and a new ensuite added as well as a stylish new kitchen fitted. New carpets, warm timber floors and a new coat of paint throughout, using a primer first on the older timber interior and then ¼ Sandfly Point by Dulux, all make for a relaxing Scandinavian atmosphere. High sarked timber ceilings were celebrated and given the white treatment too. A darker painted laminated beam offering contrast to the all white theme picks up the joinery colour, creating a gloriously welcoming and bright environment.

Extensive decking onto sturdy retaining walls and newly planted gardens on this sloping site have created a stylish new home in a well sought after suburb.

We thought our readers would enjoy this story as much as we did. It is always heart warming to hear about the strength and durability of a Lockwood home where it has stood strong in a real life situation. It is a well documented fact that Lockwood homes are one of, if not the safest, homes on the market. Here is a beautifully restored home, sitting gloriously on its new site in Cashmere, and ready to keep its new family safe and secure.

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