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Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre

Over the years we have built some stunning Lockwood buildings, and recently we have been on a mission to reconnect with some of our older projects and update our commercial photography. One of the projects that caught our eye was the very striking Pukaha Mount Bruce Centre just outside of Masterton. The centre was opened in 1983 and has been used relentlessly throughout the years. This Lockwood building needed to be robust to handle tour groups and visitors, yet still deliver a delightful ambience for visitors to relax in. It was opened in 1983 and still looks as good as new. Exactly the attraction a Lockwood building has for those looking for light commercial, or indeed, a new home solution.

If you are on your travels over the holidays, pop past this National Conservation Centre dedicated to Conservation Breeding Programmes and enjoy the atmosphere.

We will admit to being more than a little distracted by the only white kiwi to hatch in captivity, their very cute mascot Manukura!

Find out a little more about Pukaha Mount Bruce here.

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