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Lockwood additions and alterations, how easy are they to do?

Like all additions or alterations to any existing structure they can be easy or complex. What might be conceived as an easy change like removing a wall or replacing a window may in fact require building consent. Is the wall affected loadbearing? Is the window being replaced going to be wider than what was there previously?

If so building consent is required and this might involve engaging Licensed Designers, Licensed Builders and perhaps Structural Engineers to provide the consent documentation for council. These hurdles can easily be overcome when you deal with a professional Lockwood contractor.

Let’s cover the how the Lockwood Building System can make it easy:


The Lockwood wall system is certified (CodeMark) therefore is deemed to comply with the NZ Building Code clauses specified on our certificate.

Lockwood walls

Lockwood walls are pre-fabricated in a factory, ensuring a quality finished product that encompasses exterior cladding, insulation and an interior solid wall finish, which means less sub-contractor involvement. No need for dry walling or plasterers!

Council consent inspections

No council wall insulation and joinery installation inspections, which means less costs.

Building process

The Lockwood Wall System provides easy construction details for attaching new walls to old

Matching old with new is easy

Aluminium cladding and joinery systems are available for seamless blending of new with old.

Professional building Contractors

Lockwood building contractors are available to provide either advice or assistance with your project.

If you are considering purchasing a built Lockwood home which might need alterations or additions, or you have an existing Lockwood which you would like to extensively renovate to cope with extended or growing family requirements, please contact us today.

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