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Lockwood – A natural connection

Design trends featuring natural materials and earth-inspired colours have been growing in popularity over the last few years, with interiors that evoke a sense of tranquillity, warmth and comfort. But it’s not just all about looks; research confirms that exposure to natural materials can positively affect our sense of well-being.

This inherent desire to connect with nature is called biophilia, and biophilic design continues to grow in popularity. This has led to an increase in the use of materials like wood as a key element in the interiors of new homes and renovations. People feel a sense of well-being when exposed to timber in a building, and many designers cite the warm and natural attributes of wood as a reason for its use.

The concept is nothing new to trusted home builders, Lockwood Homes. Since 1951 they have been using solid timber to craft high-quality homes from sustainably sourced timber.

“One of the healthiest and most durable building materials is solid wood, and its most amazing attribute is that it isn’t inert like concrete, steel or other synthetic materials. A solid wood home is ‘alive’ and will actively try to maintain your comfort level by working with the surrounding environment to achieve a natural balance.” says Lockwood Sales and Marketing Manager Sarah Smith.

Timber interiors also offer a health advantage by regulating temperature and improving indoor air quality. The insulating properties of wood reduces dependence on artificial heating/cooling and can decrease respiratory issues from poor air quality. Being a natural material, wood does not emit harmful chemicals, further improving indoor air quality and reducing health risks from chemical exposure.

Another important principle behind biophilic design is sustainability. In this aspect, timber outperforms all other major building materials, using much less energy to produce and process. Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material that, as it grows, actively removes CO2 from the atmosphere.  The majority of the building materials used in Lockwood Homes are sourced locally, prefabricated and delivered to the building site to be assembled, further reducing emissions, waste, and noise pollution during construction.

Bringing in sunlight and fresh air is another significant way to connect with the great outdoors. “We know that Kiwis want bright, airy homes with lots of space and light,” Says Sarah, “We encourage people to see how Lockwood can deliver this, with a home that truly connects you with nature.”

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