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Future proof your investment by incorporating Lifemark Design Standards

A recent story on stuff.co.nz highlighted the importance of incorporating Universal Design Standards to ensure you can enjoy your home as you age, and the costs associated with adapting the home retrospectively. Lockwood are proud to be Lifemark accredited partners. When you work with us to design your home we are able to apply these design standards to ensure your home is future proofed for generations to come.

Lifemark® work with partners to offer advice on how to make best use of space in a home, based on the principles of Universal Design, ensuring the home is usable and safe for people of all ages and stages.

1. How user friendly is your home?

A usable home has thoughtful design features that meet the needs of people of different ages and abilities over time. A Lifemark certified home has features that make home life easier for all, including reachable power points and easy to use taps, window latches and light switches.

2. Can it be adapted for little or no cost?

An adaptable home has easy adaptable design features to suit changing needs as we progress through life. A change in a person’s circumstances does not require an expensive retrofit in order to continue living easily, safely and independently in a Lifemark home. Subtle bathroom and kitchen features allow adaption at a later stage for little or no cost.

3. How accessible is your home?

An accessible home allows easy and safe access for all. Nobody is excluded from home life because of age or ability. This is achieved using level entry access, wider doorways and corridors and rooms designed to ease everyday living.

4. How safe is your home?

A safe home has intelligent design features proven to prevent injuries from slips, trips and falls. Improved lighting, non-slip surfaces in wet areas, better designed stairs and appropriate alarm systems and window latches make a Lifemark home a safer home for everyone.

5. Lifetime Value

A Lifemark home is a simple and low cost option for designers, builders and homeowners. The Universal Design Standards are easily incorporated into the early stages of home design – at very little cost. If changes or adaptations are made to the home at a later stage, the cost is often very high and can result in a long and onerous retrofit.

Lockwood is able to apply these Universal Design Standards as an accredited Lifemark Partner and certify your home as Lifemark rated. As a Lifemark Partner, we aim to build homes that are beautiful to look at and functional to live in. We have a range of plans, all adapted from very popular classic Lockwood plans, which have been awarded a 5 star status.

To find out more incorporating Universal Design Standards into your new home
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