From a cosy 51m2 to 127m2 family sized home, we have some big ideas for you

Our small homes are always a popular search on our website and we are often requested to provide more information on these. Many people are looking to downsize or create value from existing land by building a second dwelling for the rental or the tourist markets. Another reason they are looking for a small home is for parents to stay close but still retain their independence, often with the view of the children, their partners and families moving into the existing family home. Land affordability is obviously a key driver here as is the cost of building itself, all impacting on the size of a home.

At Lockwood, we have other clients wanting to downsize but maximise their comfort levels by including all the bells and whistles with a fully customised design and build option. For others still, it’s a simple small bach or holiday home they are after.

We consider some of the benefits to downsizing:

Contact us if you think one of our customisable plans suits your needs or would like to talk to us about a design and build option of your very own.

Happy planning!