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Blonded vs Natural

Blonded or Natural

Lockwood Homes has a long history of quality craftsmanship and sustainable living. Most of our customers have chosen Lockwood, in part, for the look and feel of timber in their homes. As homeowners embark on the exciting path of creating their dream home, one of the many choices is to decide on the finish of the timber walls. To keep the character of the timber, they can opt for one of two stunning interior options: natural or blonded pine. Both alternatives highlight the beauty of timber, but each has its own special charm, producing a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in each space.

Blonded Pine – Contemporary Elegance

Blonded wood is an excellent option for individuals who want a contemporary and chic home. Blonded timber has a bright, Scandinavian look that adds a new, modern sense to any environment. The soft tones of the blonded timber create an open and clean atmosphere, making spaces appear larger and more welcoming.

Blonded interiors offer a wide range of colour palettes and designs. Whether you want minimalistic chic or vibrant appeal, blonded wood is a neutral canvas that compliments a wide range of décor styles. You may opt to have knots in the timber, which provide character, or you can have it knot free, which makes for a more minimalist look.

Natural Pine – Timeless Warmth and Character

Natural pine, a timeless and elegant choice that has been admired for decades. The rich golden hues of natural pine infuses spaces with a cosy and inviting atmosphere, creating a homely feel and rustic charm that can bring life to any living space. The beauty of natural pine is its ability to age gracefully, resulting in a unique charm overtime. This aging process adds character to the timber and tells a unique story about the home’s journey and the memories created within its walls. Natural pine interiors create a grounded and natural environment.

Ultimately, choosing between a natural or blonded interior Lockwood Home depends on personal taste, lifestyle, and your desired atmosphere for each living space.


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