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6 Top Tips for lighting – How lighting choices can make all the difference in your new home

Whether your taste is bold and bright or muted and subtle, choosing the proper lighting is an essential step in the design process. Here are our five top tips to consider when illuminating your home.

1: Make a Plan!

When designing a home, we tend to focus on choosing finishes in the kitchen, the perfect flooring, or bathroom fittings. It’s essential to consider lighting choices early in the design stages to ensure your choices are celebrated and the spaces are functional.

Start by tackling the essentials and think about the activities that will take place in each room. That way, you will be able to choose the proper lighting to suit the size and function of the spaces.

Make sure to include a range of ambient, task and accent lighting to create the atmosphere you desire.

2. Let there be (enough) light

Ambient lighting is the main light in any room and needs to be bright enough for you to use the home safely. It usually comes from track lighting, downlights or wall-mounted fixtures. It is different to task or accent lighting as it covers the entire room and isn’t localised. Recessed lighting is very helpful as ambient lighting. The subtle design means you can use them to supplement another ambient room light like a chandelier.

3. Highlight a particular detail or work of art.

Accent lighting is used to highlight areas of interest, illuminate artwork or architectural details, and create a point of interest for the viewer. The main objective is aesthetic, and accent lighting done well adds style and drama to a space or draws the eye to a particular feature.

4. Use lighting to define a space

A statement pendant can define a space and provide a stylish feature in any room in your home. The NZ-designed pendant in this Coromandel home is an impressive feature above the dining table.

5. Mix it up

Variety in lighting can truly transform a space. Mixing lighting in both design and style keeps the area functional while adding a unique aesthetic. These Lockwood clients have used a mix of recessed downlights for ambient light with stunning feature pendants that throw incredible shadows throughout the hall and living areas.

6. Have fun with functionality

Task lighting is used in areas that need light for specific activities, such as the bathroom or study nook, and can be anything from a well-placed desk lamp to under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be boring – try recessed lighting behind bathroom mirrors to add a touch of drama.

The right lighting can make or break a room; when done well, it can be functional, stylish, and dramatic. With the number of lighting options available, you’re sure to find something special to reflect your style.

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