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About Us

In 1954 two Dutch immigrants, Johannes La Grouw and Johannes Van Loghem, formed one of New Zealand’s most successful housing enterprises “Lockwood Homes”. 

La Grouw’s and Van Loghem’s vision had been to design prefabricated timber houses with interlocking components, which could be assembled quickly and efficiently. This concept was revolutionary within the building industry in 1950's New Zealand...Read more

In this unique and exclusive building system, solid laminated timber planks and patented aluminium profiles are locked – rather than nailed together, to create a strong and versatile structure. Timber planks, posts and beams are machined and predrilled to take services and joinery, and allowances are made to incorporate the Lockwood vertical tie rod system, which makes your home structurally strong and resistant to damage from earthquakes and cyclones...Read more

Wood is the Earth’s most renewable raw material and using it is vital in the fight against climate change. The more solid wood we use, the more carbon that is stored. The more trees that are grown, the more oxygen is released into the atmosphere, and the better off our entire world will be...Read more

All Lockwood homes are precision engineered using quality materials. Strict quality control procedures in the Lockwood factory ensure that the best materials are selected, and all Lockwood components are machined, checked and carefully packed before being despatched to your building site...Read more